Time-lapse video of oak frame erection at North Farm, Devon.

A short progress video this morning from one of our sites;


North Farm is a Grade-II listed, working farmhouse in mid-Devon, where we gained permission for two large extensions, increasing the footprint by 45%. The permission provides our clients with contemporary entry spaces, kitchen/dining, and a generous home office. The timelapse video (courtesy of Shires Contruction) shows the handmade oak scissor-trusses being erected against the exposed historic stonework to the gable end of the existing house, which was lovingly restored by the contractor. To the rear of the house, the larch-clad, and natural slate volume repeats the gabled appearance of the historic farmhouse in the farm cluster; a contemporary gabled rendition. Glazing by Raynaers is to be installed in the coming weeks, and we look forward to continued updates in the future.


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