Planning Permission Granted – New Contemporary Home on the Salcombe Coastline

Planning permission has been received from the South Hams District CouncilĀ for a new coastal property overlooking the Salcombe estuary.

Located in a wooded area of coastline, the architectural aesthetic chosen was natural materials in a simple palette that reflect the surroundings. Therefore the predominant material is timber cladding, used in panels of either thick planks or narrow battens, to give variety.

White render and stone make up the rest of the palette, though key areas are finished in a bright rust-red Corten steel. This adds colour and character to the neutral tones of wood and stone; though it will dull down and darken over time.

Sitting at the top of a steeply sloping site and overlooking the Salcombe estuary, a key design driver was maximising the view and connection with the garden, and large areas of glazing were provided.

The house is entered at first floor, with living and kitchen areas at this level. A large balcony directly off these spaces was therefore critical. Below this the bedrooms are sheltered by the overhang – giving protection and privacy.

The central entrance hall forms an axis off-of which all rooms flow, and the full-height glazing at both ends gives an immediate view of the sea upon entering the house.

Construction will begin in the Winter, with completion in 2018.

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